Visual Basic



SDS VB Sample Program

This is a working example including the source code  (Revised to use CCSAPI 8-30-2002)

The SDS Visual Basic(VB) sample program SdsVbSamp is a simple program that connects to and provides the ability to sign into Sabre through the Common Sabre API (CCSAPI), requests a SDS formated message for flight availability and decodes the message using the SDS 32-bit C API. The program provides VB application developers with a working example using the CCSAPI and the SDS C API. All of the following are included in the zip file available for download.  

This application uses the Sabre CCSAPI to communicate with Sabre.   
         See CCSAPI Documentation for detailed CCSAPI installation and configuration instructions.

SdsVbSamp has three forms: 

·         SdsVbSamp.frm - This is the primary  window.

·        FrmSabreSettings.frm - This window is used to select the session that the CSAPI will use to connect to the Sabre Host.

·         FrmSignIn.frm - This window is used to sign into Sabre using the agent ID and Passcode.

 SdsVbSamp has four modules:

 ·         Global.bas - This module defines the global variables, constant values and public functions.

·         Gds132n.bas - This module declares the functions for the SDS 32-bit C Level 1 API without logging capability.


The following steps should be taken for compiling and running SdsVbSamp:

 1.    SdsVbSamp requires Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 or above as the compiler. Install the VB compiler if you do not have one. Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 is provides backward compatibility.

2.    Download file and extract all files.

3.    Run "regsvr32 COMuxCSAPI.DLL" to register the “com” file.
*******See CCSAPI Documentation for detailed CCSAPI installation and configuration instructions.

4.    Click on the pre-compiled SdsVbSamp.exe file in the folder in which you accomplished the unzip function (refer to step 2) to run the sample program or open the SdsVbSamp.vbp in your compiler to look at and compile the source code. Use font Courier New for your editor to view SDS special characters in the source code.