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For SDS Sabre TJR setup documentation

For SDS tech documentation

For the SDS API see

For the SDS TestTool

For the SDS input message

Please see for the SDS Testtool which will assist you in determining data which is returned via your Sabre entries to the Host.

If you will look at you will have a better understanding of what can be accomplished through the use of SDS.

Additionally, the SDS TestTool allows you to make any Sabre entry to determine which data is actually returned in an SDS format. PNR is the exception to the use of Sabre entries in SDS, please see for a list of JX commands used for PNR.

For support information:

Please visit to see how to incorporate the application ID.

&&&A&&Application ID:Subset ID&input entry

&&&A&&(8 bit code assigned by SDS)^AV01&1DFWLAX

If you look at the Subset Comparison data base under AIRAALSADAVAIL AVAILABILITY you will be able to see the elements included in the subset.

The AV01 subset is an exact duplicate of the Master MDR; AV03 is an abbreviated version with some elements deleted (An X in the blocks indicates that the element is present in the Subset). If you look at the Subsets for PNR, you will see at the bottom of the display that there are elements below a red line. These elements are not included in the Master MDR but are available through use of the subset. You can use any subset for any applicable MDR. One purpose of Subsets is to protect your application from MDR Version Changes. The only time you would normally need to rewrite your application to utilize a new Subset is if we create a new version of the MDR and move elements to a different Segment, delete an element or Segment in the MDR, or add additional elements into a new subset that are not included in the Master (Current) MDR. This does not happen frequently but substantial notice would be provided (at least 60 days) for you to make the changes if a subset should become invalid.

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