Advance Notification




Sabre Advance Notification (SAN)

How can I find out about host changes which may affect my application?

The best way to keep up with upcoming host implementations is to check Y/SAB/IMP regularly for updates. The page Y/SAB/IMP/INDEX is particularly helpful, as it gives a quick description and expected implementation date for all items.

Additionally, Sabre Advance Notification maintains a mailing list of those who wish to receive e-mails pertaining to host changes and implementations. Non-Sabre personnel who wish to receive the e-mails should first fill out the SAN Non-Disclosure Agreement and forward or fax it to the address provided on the form. After the non-disclosure has been completed, the customer will be eligible to receive e-mail updates. Please note that Sabre cannot be responsible for the guaranteed delivery of e-mails to the addressee.

Those developers whose applications communicate with Sabre via SDS are protected from most host changes. The MDR of the affected subsystem will be updated to reflect change, and then downloaded to the application for use in parsing the data stream.