ACS Certified MDRs




ACS Certified MDRs

(July 2005)

The following ACS MDRs have been production certified (to be fully supported) and are readily available for use by other applications.

                                             MDR Message ID                         Description

Passenger Displays AIRAALPD7IF100  Passenger information display pulled from a list e.g. G1
  AIRAALPD7IE100 Passenger display by characteristic e.g. G*Lflt/RV
  AIRAALPD7IE2B1 Priority list display e.g. G*Lflt/PALL

Check in Response

AIRAALPEBRDPAS Check-in response

Multiple VCR list response from check in

  AIRAALPEODBTSS Baggage segment select response
  AIRAALPEDISVCR Disassociated VCR mask

Flight Displays

AIRAALSD79A011 Daily flight list display e.g. G*city

Master Maps


Master aircraft configuration e.g. GMMC*/U0    U0 Partition


Physical aircraft display        e.g. GMMP*ALL    U0 Partition


Physical aircraft display      e.g. GMMP*/U0/TL3 U0 Partition

  AIRAALMD77B031 Equip ordinal - GMMO*/U0
  AIRAALMD77C031 Market adjustments display e.g. G*MM/U0/TA2/104/02JAN66
  AIRAALMD77C032 Master map list display e.g. G*MM/U0/TA2

Aircraft seat adjustments display e.g. GMMS*



Create master map response e.g. GMMK/


Update aircraft seat adjustments response e.g. GMMS/

We request that ACS be notified well in advance before using non-certified MDRs. This will allow any required work to be prioritized and a dedicated resource assigned to test and validate such MDRs against applications that will be utilizing it. External applications include, but are not limited to Kiosk, Curbside, EGR/BGR, Web, and SabreSonic.

Please contact  with any ACS related questions.

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