Message Delimiters



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Message Delimiters

Sabre Data Source (SDS) messages have four possible delimiters: element delimiter, segment delimiter, end of repeat data delimiter, and end of message delimiter.

The following table shows the Sabre Data Source message delimiters

Delimiter Name EBCDIC


EBCDIC Character ASCII Hex ASCII Character Sabre


Element Delimiter 0x50 & 0x86 2F
Segment Delimiter 0x5D50 )& 0x89 2E2F
End of Repeat Data 0x5D61 )/ 0x88 ˆ 2E11
End of Message 0x5D505D50 )&)& 0x8989 ‰‰ 2E2F2E2F
Description of Delimiters
Element Delimiter
ASCII-x'86', ALC-x'2F'. Delimits data elements and signals the end of one field and the start of another. Also separates MSG ID and version, as well as segment name, and the first element of that segment.
Segment Delimiter
ASCII-x'89', ALC-x'2E2F'. Signals the start of a message segment and indicates that the start of segment and segment name follows.
ˆ End of Repeat Data Delimiter
ASCII-x'88', ALC-x'2E11'. Signals the end of a repeating sequence of data element values and delimits a repeating element.
‰‰ End of Sabre Data Source Message

This is a double-segment delimiter.

NOTE The equivalent ASCII of the ALC characters may vary on each Gateway translate table implementation.