Install Instructions



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1            Before using SDS Test Tool, please make sure you have Sabre account and the agent's TJR is set up for using SDS.

2            If applicable, Remove the previously installed SDS Test Tool. 

   a)          Go to Start, Settings, and Control Panel to Add/Remove programs. 

   b)         Select the SDS Test Tool program to remove.

3           Download SDS Test Tool and Definition File.

  a)         Open the SDS Intra/Internet Website  Navigate to which contains the Test Tool Download files.

  b)       Under the SDS Test Tool heading you will find and download BetaTestTool 4.0, file TestTool.exe to a temporary directory of your choice.

4          Install SDS Test Tool.

  a)        In Windows Explorer, navigate to the temporary folder, which you saved TestTool.exe. 

  b)        Execute the file TestTools.exe by double clicking.

i)        The SDS TestTool Installation program will create (or locate if already created) C:/Program Files/CSSDS (default directory) and install to this directory

ii)   If you are prompted for a version conflict or overwrite of the CSAPI.CFG file keep the original file.

5         Place a SDS icon on your desktop.

  a)        In Windows Explorer, Right Click on SDS.EXE and select Create Shortcut.

  b)        Drag the newly created Shortcut to the desktop.

6          CCSAPI Setup:  Please see the CSAPI.DOC (CSPAI Programmers Reference Manual)  for instructions on setting up the CSAPI.CFG file. 

  a)          If you are using OFEP,  find in the CSAPI.CFG (normally found in WINNT)  
##Service definitions
{ pooledofep {

  b)    Change the PUT_YOUR_POOL_CLASS_HERE to a valid class and save the file.

7          Run SDS Test Tool.  

  a)         Double click on the SDS icon on the desktop or double click sds.exe file in Windows Explorer.

  b)          After SDS Test Tool main window comes up, select Sabre Communication submenu of File menu to choose Session for Sabre Connection.

  c)          Currently SDS Test Tool uses CCSAPI and can use any of the CCSAPI Sabre Connections.


If you still Sabre Connection problem, please contact SDS support group.