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Introduction to Sabre Data Source

Sabre Data Source (SDS) is a data protocol that provides Sabre responses in a structured message format. SDS provides an alternative to parsing data from screen displays, enabling more effective extraction and utilization of Sabre data within local applications.

Sabre Data Source (formerly referred to as GDS) provides a data stream capability that enables programmers to more effectively develop applications that require access to data via the Sabre host. In the simplest terms, SDS eliminates all screen formatting which most Sabre users are accustomed to seeing. In this regard, a programmer has the capability to show all of the data, a subset of the data, or none of the data being returned.  SDS does not change, delete, or manipulate data returned from Sabre in any way, shape or form.

Due to its unique benefits and sophistication, SDS is appropriate only for a select group of customers.  SDS customers must have internal resources that are trained and experienced in Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI) programming. Without trained and experienced programmers, the customer will not be able to use the data available.

The goal of the SDS Team is to deliver solutions which meet  the needs of developers for Subscriber, Associate and third-party customized interfaces utilizing graphical applications to the Sabre host. This product is global and should assist all Subscriber and Associate customers worldwide.

Three components of the product are:

bulletA consistent and structured message containing Sabre Host data.
bulletWritten specifications and revisions
bulletMessage Definition Record (MDR) technical product support


SDS Web Site Organization

The organization of this site is to primarily assist developers in the use of SDS. The technical information is located in the area labeled Developers Help pages.

Message Definition Records (MDR) are maintained in the MDR Database reference pages. In this area we have compiled all applicable message definitions in an easy to use data base. Here you can select the individual MDR, the Segments used in the MDR, and the elements contained in the Segment. Additionally, a database of SDS Subset definitions are available on the  Subset Comparison page

MDR Documentation provides all applicable MDR's in document form. All documents are produced in Adobe Acrobat so that a consistent format can be used for reading the documents.

Download an SDS Overview document in PDF Format. Additionally an example of an SDS Output may also be obtained via downloading.